Special Guest: Nat Segaloff
Guest Co-Host: Carol Borden

Arthur Penn's Night Moves (1975) stars Gene Hackman as Harry Moseby, a private eye trying to find himself in a post-Watergate America.

We're joined by Nat Segaloff, author of Arthur Penn: American Director and Carol Borden of the Cultural Gutter.

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Learn more about Arthur Penn: American Director Download the Night Moves script by Alan Sharp
Read "With Autumn Closing In" Night Moves Remembered by Daniel Moses Luft
Read Night Moves vs. The Long Goodbye by Susan Doll
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"Night Moves" - Pulsedriver
"Night Moves" - Leckerphonics
"Night Moves" - Bob Seger

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Kulturecast #62

Mike was back on the Kulturecast to talk about the oddball Westerns The Proposition and El Topo with John Lein and Chris Stachiw.

Geek Juice Radio #189

Continuing the Geek Juice Media Director Series, Mike joins Alex Jowski and Mister X to examine the second half of Brian De Palma's career.

Special Guests: Lance Henriksen, Holt McCallany, , Mark Verheiden
Guest Co-Host: Brad Jones

One of the most hated -- and possibly most misunderstood -- sequels around, David Fincher's Alien³ had contentious production history. We'll attempt to unwrap the behind-the-scenes turmoil and on-screen mayhem along with Brad Jones, the Cinema Snob.

We talked to Vincent Ward who brought the idea of "monks in space" to the game and the late John Fasano who worked on a few drafts of the Alien 3 script. We also spoke with actors Lance Henriksen and Holt McCallany about what it was like to be on the set. And, we're joined by Mark Verheiden who wrote the incredible Dark Horse comics Alien series.

Errata: The baby alien came out of Kane, not Ash, in Alien. The less-than-stellar special effects of Alien³ were a blue-screened rod puppet, not CGI. The "Assembly Cut" on the Blu-Ray Quadrilogy does not contain new shots but only cleaned-up audio.

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Learn more about Neill Blomkamp's Alien concepts
Visit the Alien Anthology wiki
Read The Metamorphoses of Alien III by Mike White
Read It's Time You Reconsidered Alien 3 by Scott Wampler
Read Why Newt And Hicks Had To Die In ALIEN 3 by Devin Faraci
Read 10 Reasons Alien 3 Is A Misunderstood Masterpiece by Percival Constantine
Read Alien 3: A Haunting Failure by Theresa DeLucci
Read Mother From Another Planet from Strange Shapes
Read Alien3: Set Visit To A Troubled Sequel by Garth Pearce
Read Alien 3: the story ideas that never made it to the screen by Ryan Lambie
Read Alien 3 – Fincher Talks! by Greg Moss

"Wreckage and Rape" - Elliot Goldenthal
"The Entrapment" - Elliot Goldenthal
"The Beast Within" - Elliot Goldenthal
"Alien" - 1919

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The Unloved - Alien³ from Scout Tafoya on Vimeo.

The first installment of The Unloved looks at David Fincher's oft-maligned debut feature, the bleakest of the Alien series.

GABRIEL OLSEN/GETTY Special Guest: Lance Henriksen

While interviewing Lance Henriksen for our Alien 3 episode, Mike got to talking to Lance about other current and upcoming films including Harvey Lowry's Monday at 11:01 A.M..

Mike also discussed pottery, puppetry, The Blacklist and Max Landis with Mr. Henriksen.

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Mike was recently a guest on Radiodrome discussing the Psycho franchise with Josh Hadley and Petar Gagic.

Bloody Disgusting ranks the Psycho films from Worst to Best
Read about Psycho II's unexpected success
Read about the German version of Psycho
Watch Steven Soderbergh's comparison of the Hitchcock and Van Sant Psychos
See more posters from Tchav

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Special Guests: Mark Gallagher & Anthony Kaufman

We're looking at The Limey - the 1999 film from director Steven Soderbergh. The film tells the tale of Wilson (Terence Stamp) - a recently released career criminal from the U.K. who heads to L.A. to figure out what happened to his daughter, Jennifer. Along the way Wilson teams up with Eddie (Luis Guzmán) and Eliane (Leslie Ann Warren) as he seeks to get revenge from her former boyfriend, famous record producer Terry Valentine (Peter Fonda).

It's a tale of loss, revenge, the 1960s, and more.

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"Colours" - Donovan

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Special Guest: Rob Garver

"She re-invented the form, and pioneered an entire aesthetic of writing. She was like the Elvis or the Beatles of film criticism." - Owen Gleiberman

Mike talked to filmmaker Rob Garver about the upcoming documentary What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael. They discuss the importance of film criticism and Pauline Kael's controversial career.

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Read about the controversy over Kael's Raising Kane

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Special Guests: Lexi Alexander, Gerry Conway & Doug Hutchison
Guest Co-Host: Adam Spiegelman

Marvel Comics' vigilante anti-hero The Punisher has been adapted for the big screen three times. We look at the third incarnation from director Lexi Alexander, Punisher: War Zone. This candy-colored symphony of violence stars Ray Stevenson as the titular "super hero."

We're joined by Lexi Alexander to talk about the making of and reaction to the film. We also talked with the creator of The Punisher, Gerry Conway. And, as a surprise last-minute interview, we've also got LBJ himself, Doug Hutchison!

We're joined by Adam Spiegelman of the Proudly Resents podcast to discuss the film and list our favorite (and least favorite) Marvel movies.

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