Episode 32: The Killer

Special Guest: Kenneth Hall

One podcast. Two men. Ten Thousand Bullets.

We're looking at John Woo's landmark action film The Killer; examining its origin and impact. Our special guest, Kenneth Hall, has written the book on Woo -- John Woo: The Films.

We also look at the influences on The Killer from Frank Tuttle's This Gun For Hire to Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samourai as well as the films that took inspiration from Woo's work such as the two Pang Brothers versions of Bangkok Dangerous.

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  2. Another great episode guys, the Killer is one of my all-time favorite films.

    I noticed that you were knocking the Big Hit for stealing its style from Hong Kong cinema. You do realize that the Big Hit was directed by Kirk Wong, a Hong Kong filmmaker?

  3. What's so wrong with homoeroticism? If you have a guy and girl coupling on screen people would talk about their romantic chemistry. Not sure why Mike's co-host gets so angry about it. Just let dudes love dudes, consciously or not.