Episode 48: Chicken Park

This Italian film will curl the nosehairs on a dead nun. It's a "parody" of Jurassic Park but with chickens. Funny, no? No. This cinematic monstrosity comes to American shores courtesy of Jerry Cala, a national treasure in his homeland and scourge of anyone with a funny bone in the U.S.A.

Co-hosting this week is Mike Sullivan of Shock Cinema, Paracinema and Cashiers du Cinemart (among other things).

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  1. You guys picked "Airplane!" as you number one. Good choice but you totally overlooked several parodies that I think should have been considered:

    1.) The Rutles - so dead on that it sounds like the Beatles and takes the air out of their image. Wonderful!

    2.) Life of Brian - the best parody of a Biblical epic ever!

    The guess the one connection is that both were created by Monty Python members.

  2. I think you have to be hard-hearted (or young whipper-snappers) not to include at least one of Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles and Silent Movie.