Episode 74: CSA - Confederate States of America

Episode 74: CSA - Confederate States of AmericaSpecial Guest: Kevin Willmott

What if the South had won the Civil War? It might look a lot like Kevin Willmott's wonderfully insightful and acerbic faux documentary.

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  1. Nice work - one of your best efforts, I think!

    Some of Kevin's other films - NINTH STREET, his first feature, with Issac Hayes and Martin Sheen in a cameo role and THE ONLY GOOD INDIAN, which can be seen on the Starz networks and the DVD can be ordered directly from the filmmakers - http://www.theonlygoodindian.com/

    THE BATTLE FOR BUNKER HILL has been in festivals and may eventually see release - http://www.bunkerhillthefilm.com/

    Bio & interview site - http://www.millermeiers.com/kevinwillmott/#interview

    DESTINATION PLANET NEGRO should be finished later in the year and hitting the festival circuit next year...

    and production is just about to start on JAYHAWKERS, about the KU Basketball program in the mid-50's, with Coach Phog Allen, and Wilt Chamberlin.

  2. L. Rob,

    Thanks for sharing the info on Kevin's work. I'm looking forward to checking out DESTINATION PLANET NEGRO!